Blitherings of an Innocuous Mind

Yogo Makeoshimi
20 January 1974
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Born: Washington, DC
Grade School: Mix of public and private
High School: The Field School - tiny private school in Downtown DC
College: Union College, Schenectady NY - BA Anthropology
Thesis title: “The Three Responses to Social Ambiguity in Eastern Europe." My grade was a B-, which in the world of undergraduate theses is FAILING.

I am a bum. I was a bum in DC, I was a bum at Union, a bum in Boston, after achieving true bum enlightenment: a bum on the open road, I have become just another bum in Southern California.

I am however, an overeducated bum, or maybe just underemployed, or maybe both. Anyway, I tend to get philosophical and long-winded. When that happens, just tell me to “shut up” and I will for 10 minutes to an hour. : )


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